YourCyberdreams says hello world…

Where to start???  This is having it’s “first light”.  “First Light” is when an astronomical telescope first sees the night sky.  The person behind the eyepiece (or these days, CCD camera) wonders what they will see… what fascinating experiences are just ahead, and in years to come.  Or perhaps a ham radio operator picking up the microphone and saying “CQ DX”, which roughly translated means “hey – anybody out there???”…  SETI, the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, is a lot like this.  I guess I’m searching for Terrestrial Intelligence.  Or maybe just fellowship and friendship…  Anybody curious?????

That’s where I am right now. was originally conceived as a portal into cyberspace where I could offer my help to people who wanted to express their visions…their “dreams” within the fabric of cyberspace.  In other words, I wanted to use my tech and writing skills to help people share their dreams.  I still do.  But there is much more than that little idea going on here.   The Web has evolved from its early beginnings as a forum for scientists, to a huge marketplace and Tribal Village.   A greater and greater percentage of the global population is on the Web.  It is becoming an Alternate Reality… or in my thinking, a Dreamscape.

What are dreams?  Images?  Mind-videos?  Emotional recordings?  What do you dream about?  Are there any of your dreams you would like to crystallize and put up on the Web?  Sometimes there is a real release in sharing something that is uniquely yours with others.  This is what motivates writers, composers, poets… and mathematicians and physicists… and musicians.  And auto body artists.  And lovers.  And teachers.  Come to think of it this is probably a basic human motivation.  Maybe it comes from our hard-coded drive to have children and send something of ourselves into the future.  Some of us, for whatever reason, will never have biological children.  But we may give birth to ideas, music, writing… web sites???   :)


what do you see in your dreams???